If I had to describe myself, I would say that I‘m a ruthless perfectionist with a vigorous passion for all that is beautiful in the world. For me, the joy of living isn‘t detached from the essential things in life, such as meaningfulness, truth and purity. I realised, very early on, that I was put here to unite these two worlds in a symbiosis of aesthetics and spirit.

Even as a child it was important for me not to follow the crowd and through my parents‘ upbringing I learned what it meant to pursue dreams. I truly believe that‘s the reason that I‘ve always achieved what I wanted to.

My path to jewellery design was ‚rocky‘ – metaphorically speaking. I discovered in my early 20s that my enthusiasm for stones was developing rapidly and it surprised me how naturally I developed a refined sense for the field.

Perfectionist, as I am, I knew that it was important for me to learn from the best and I was drawn to Asia for a two-year training. During this time, I gained a new understanding of myself and learned to trust my instincts.

Many years later, I can claim to be at peace with myself, yet driven by an inner conflict – one that doesn’t strain me, but rather inspires me every day to create the extraordinary.

My eternal quest for perfectionism characterisies my design as timelessly classic with a twist.