The OH! Collection


Elegant designs, delicate and tastefully refined.

The Oliver Heemeyer OH! Collection combines sophistication with understatement, handcrafted with the highest attention to detail.

Jewellery made for every day and special moments



"Diamonds are a girl's best friend", they say.

The Celebration Collection features sparkling diamonds and gold stacking rings. Celebrating and highlighting these special moments in life. Each piece within the Celebration Collection is adorned with diamonds, all crafted in a full circle setting.

Sparkles redefined, by Oliver Heemeyer.


Circle of Life

Representing life and continuous new beginnings, the Oliver Heemeyer Circle of Life collection celebrates life with all its beautiful facets and moments.

Each piece within this jewellery line is characterized by an elegant circle design and enriched with beautiful diamonds.


Dazzling Me

Stand out and feel bedazzled with Dazzling Me.

Sleek design combined with refined accents and highest attention to detail characterize the artful masterpieces of the Oliver Heemeyer Dazzling Me jewellery collection.



Distinctive, bold and highlighting self-confidence.

Dragon is a Collection encompassing exclusively statement pieces. Each piece always features a larger center stone and is additionally refined with sparkling diamonds of various sizes.



The Emilia collection displays the highest skill and craftsmanship in diamond setting, as each piece is set in perfect pavé.

Inspired by glistening cobble stone streets after a rainy night, Emilia embodies timelessness and elegance.



"Call it Magic" or simply: Oliver Heemeyer design excellency.

The Magic Collection consists of brilliant and baguette cut diamonds, carefully blended into 18k gold. The Jewellery line skillfully combines individually cut diamonds and consequently gives the impression of a larger single diamond. True sparkling beauty.


Mark the Moment

It is these special moments and personal milestones in life we will always cherish, and they deserve to be celebrated. Remembered and marked with a special present.

The Oliver Heemeyer Mark the Moment jewellery collection pays tribute to all the extraordinary, the amazing and memorable once in a lifetime and life changing moments.

May it be a birthday, a new chapter in life or just a sign of appreciation - we believe each moment deserves to be celebrated.


Pure Gold

Throughout the Pure Gold collection Oliver Heemeyer exclusively focuses on this beautiful and precious metal itself and dedicates the gold theme a limited jewellery line.

Pure Gold forgoes any diamonds, gemstones or other adorning material. Each piece within this collection is carefully handcrafted and made out of 18k white or rose gold.