How to choose an engagement ring

How to choose an engagement ring

If you are reading this I assume you have decided to get engaged or are at least considering it. Congratulations! Big decision!

Your friends may be saying: ‘Oh, now you need to get a diamond ring!’ Relax. You’re in good company — most guys don’t really know where to go for one. And give yourself a break: how should you possibly have any idea?

Now here comes the part with your future wife’s expectations, hopes, and dreams. This is considered the most important jewelry purchase you will ever make. Clearly it is a status symbol. It will be proudly presented to friends, family, and colleagues, each of whom will read a lot into it. And you don’t dare get it wrong.

Let me say this up front: Taking her along with you on this shopping venture is an absolute no-no.

If you want to make an impression (and that’s what people do, before they get married), you have to hit the right button to get the response you’re looking for. You must not fail in this – except perhaps for the ring size.

There are a couple of simple tasks I am going to assign to you – just to prevent disappointments and other disasters:

  • Check out what kind of jewelry she is already wearing: what color gold? Does she favor chunky designs or simple elegance? Subtle or fancy?
  • Listen and watch: Does she ever mention a preference for a particular diamond shape? If she is hanging out with her besties and they are all already wearing somewhat similar jewelry, it is quite plausible that her own taste tends toward a similar style direction. Unless she is a very unique character….
  • Is she more discreet in her styling or more outgoing?
  • Take one of her rings (the narrower the better), put it on one of your fingers to where it halfway fits, and take a picture. We can read the ring size from that. Don’t forget to put back the ring!!

Trust me, these indicators help a great deal in picking out the right ring.  

Define your budget.

You can go a little bit crazy on the spending but stay within your means. It should be fun for you as well. A big rock might be important but so are your efforts, and you should count that into the overall value of this gift.

Men have been trained to think that they don’t know what women want, but the biggest misconception is that her girlfriends or anyone else would know better than they what their future fiancée might like.

My overall advice is: do not bring her mother, grandmother, sister, or best friend to the consultation. Your own best friends can tag along if you need emotional support, but anyone apart from that will cause confusion and you will end up hearing too much advice. None of it may be right. This has to be your choice, just as you are the one-and-only person who chose to get married to this wonderful woman.

For full attention and best preparation, I recommend that you make an appointment. You will be guaranteed as much time as you need, a fully stocked minibar, and, of course: a great selection of beautiful rings.