Oliver Heemeyer about Valentine´s Day

Oliver Heemeyer about Valentine´s Day

The original idea of February 14th as being about the bond between a man and a woman has nowadays shifted towards being a general expression of love and appreciation, regardless of gender, age or type of relationship.
Valentine's Day is approaching – Oliver Heemeyer reveals his thoughts about the day of love and gratitude, gifts, as well as his way of celebrating.

‘As the holiday's significance endures alongside one's love for others, a penchant for generosity, and an appreciation for all the long-lasting feelings. Over the years, the gifting of fine jewellery has become a February 14th staple. During the pandemic, many have found love to be the cornerstone of balance and joy. As this special day approaches, I would like to recommend a few pieces, which symbolise once-in-a-lifetime love, gratitude, and the beauty of togetherness, personally selected by myself,’ Oliver said. ‘There should not be any boundaries or limitations in the world of love and this also applies to my jewellery – the gratitude is key,’ he summarises.

As for Oliver himself, he has a list of must-do´s for Valentine’s Day. Of course, it´s going to be a surprise but here are his favourite options: breakfast in bed, a movie marathon, a small very personalized item from his collection to someone very special and the only traditional thing he sticks to: he takes care of the dinner (-reservation). :-)

Get inspired and celebrate the love with Oliver’s handpicked selection for Valentine´s Day.

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