Oliver Heemeyer Ostuni diamond bracelet S made of 18k white gold.

Ostuni - The new Oliver Heemeyer Diamond Jewellery Set

Named after the beautiful city Ostuni, known for its unique and bright shining white old town, this extraordinary diamond jewellery set can be already spotted from a distance and its unparalleled brilliance catches everyone’s attention.

Like the ‘White City’ this masterpiece is a unique single piece, expertly handcrafted by Oliver Heemeyer jewellery artisans. Elegant and sophisticated, this set is mesmerizing in its simplicity and beauty. Made of 18k white gold and adorned with brilliant cut diamonds, arranged in an alternating setting and embraced in a minimalistic design, it creates a delicately scintillating statement. 

The Ostuni diamond jewellery set celebrates purity and radiance of the finest Oliver Heemeyer diamonds, showcased in sleek yet elegant and glamorous silhouettes.